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Since its founding in 2006, E.C.E. has established itself as a leading full service, multi-faceted talent agency, guiding and developing  the careers of an elite diversified talent roster in the Entertainment and Fashion Industry. The agency has carved out a distinctive niche in the entertainment and fashion industry and earned a reputation for putting talent's interests above all else and providing unparalleled talent with a unique mix of skill, visual appeal and professionalism. Representing talent both locally and nationally.

E.C.E. 's select, yet diverse client list allows it to effectively compete with other large agencies while guaranteeing personalized attention to every client. With offices in Maryland, Georgia, California and New York, E.C.E. provides representation to clients across its motion picture, television, music, comedy and personal appearances, theatre, books, new media, commercial and physical production departments. The agency works with small to large clients within in the range of their designated budget. No matter the project or budget, we can help find the best talent.

E.C.E. Talent Agency strives to provide professional and dedicated talent in the modeling, entertainment, sports and music industry.


In catering to the needs of our clientele, we provide a state of the art database for ease of casting. Producers, casting directors, advertising agencies, and direct clients can use our extensive searchable database to find talent for their project, event or business needs.

The agency's goal is to map out talent's career, create a personalized image through our image making services so that our agency professionals can build talent up to be a celebrity model or talent with integrity and honesty. E.C.E. assists in marketing talent in many different areas from catalogue friendly to high fashion spreads in magazines and everything in between. The agency works to create, develop and maintain the brand identity of talent through securing endorsements, fashion campaigns, marketing and promotional campaigns, and tour sponsorships. Our career development approach enables our talent to successfully crossover media genres, thereby further enhancing their individual brands.

Our focus is laying the foundation by networking and creating relationships in the industry and all of the formalities of promotions and the like. Therefore our talent can focus on perfecting their craft and not have to concern themselves with fees, litigation, etc. as our staff takes care of 100% of the business aspects. E.C.E. provides a hands on approach, individualized talent assessment, personal service and insight from our knowledgeable team of the industry to all represented talent. With our help and your cooperation, the potential of our talent and future talent interested in being represented by E.C.E. is limitless.



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